This guide will show you how to install Teamviewer.

Please follow the instructions below.

NOTE: If you have Teamviewer already installed... Click here.

1. First of all, download the program by clicking once on the Download TeamViewer button below.

Download TeamViewer

Save it to your download folder (this should be the internet browsers default setting)
or if you get to choose where to save it, goto the desktop (to find it easy).

2. When its finished downloading, locate the folder you saved it in & double click the program to install it.


3. If a Security Warning box opens up, click on RUN


4. In the main setup window, the default settings should be selected...

If not choose Basic Installation & Personal / Non-commercial use.

Then click on Accept - finish.


5. If your computer opens up a User Account Control box, click on YES.


6. Wait for the installation complete.


7. When the program has finished installing, the main teamviewer window should open up automatically (goto step 8).

If it does not open, on the taskbar (near your clock - bottom right of screen), click on the Teamviewer icon.


8. Tell us Your ID & Password.

NOTE: The password will change everytime you restart your computer... So Teamviewer is safe to use.

Teamviewer Open

That's it... We can now help you with your computer.